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5 Types of Transit Advertising and How to Effectively Use Them

5 Types of Transit Advertising and How to Effectively Use Them

If you’re looking to get the most out of your marketing budget, transit advertising is an effective method to try. Transit advertising refers to an ad that appears on or near a mode of transportation such as a bus, subway, or taxi. This type of advertising is best to generate word of mouth and brand awareness for your business and allows you to reach a wider audience than other types of advertising methods. If you’re looking to dabble in transit advertising or need tips on effectively using this strategy, read on to learn more. 

Bus Advertising

Bus advertising not only promotes your brand on the buses themselves but on benches and bus stops, too. Buses are used across the country, especially in large cities. You don’t have to have a target audience who is likely to take a bus. Buses make stops throughout cities and can be seen by anyone walking the street or eating at a restaurant outdoors. It’s less about considering whether your target demographic uses buses and more about the likelihood of them seeing buses.

Train and Subway Advertising

Contrary to buses, train and subway transit advertising is best if your target audience is using either of these modes of transportation. The biggest benefit of trains and subways is that you have a captive audience. Whether they’re waiting for pick up or are seated inside, there are multiple opportunities to be exposed to your advertisement. Trains are popular in a variety of areas across the country and are often used for both commuter purposes and short-distance travel. Subways, on the other hand, are traditionally only found in large, eastern cities such as New York City or Philadelphia. 

Airport Advertising

While there is some advertising on airplanes, the most effective advertising with this mode of transportation happens at the airport. Airports feature a large amount of traffic and often consist of long wait times. Whether waiting to board a flight or during a layover, there is a huge amount of exposure for your brand. If your target demographic is at all the type to travel – for whatever reason – advertising in an airport makes for an effective campaign. 

Car Wrap Advertising

Car wrap advertising can be a great method of advertising whether you are marketing to an audience in a rural area or a large city. There are a number of ways to utilize this method. The more expensive option is to have a dedicated vehicle with a full paint job. But there are more cost-effective options as well such as mobile billboards (which hitch to the back of a car or truck), magnetic ads, and decals. While this method can work in both small and large cities, it is possible that with all the hustle and bustle of the city, it could get lost in the mix. This is a great option for rural areas or small towns as it’s a low-cost solution that can effectively reach your target demographic.

Taxi Advertising

Taxis are typically available to individuals in midsize and large cities but the best way to get the most impact is with a taxi advertisement in a large city. Midsize cities tend to be more spread out and may not reach as many people as you’d hope. In large, crowded cities such as Boston or San Francisco, you’re more likely to garner more eyes on your brand.  

Transit Advertising Tips

Now that you know the most common types of transit advertising, what are the best ways to utilize them? As you determine which method or methods are best for you, you need to consider two things: your target audience and the location. Think about your target demographic. How do they move through the world? How do they commute to work? What type of transportation do they use on a daily basis? This is essential to determine if a transit advertising method makes sense for your brand.

Once you know which types of advertising you want to use, it’s time to determine the location. Again, keep your demographic in mind and choose the optimal location that will yield the most impressions and garner the most brand awareness. 


Despite more people working from home and shopping online, there is still a lot of value placed on out-of-the-home advertising. Transit advertising is an excellent way to get more eyes on your ads and start to build a strong awareness of your brand. To make the greatest impact, make sure your ad stands out among the rest. That’s how you capture attention that will leave an imprint on those who see it.


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