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All About devnetjobsindia org

All About devnetjobsindia org

Devnetjobsindia org  offers  The Following Jobs

1. The Vigyan Vijay Foundation (VVF) is looking for a program devnetjobsindia org

However, the devnetjobsindia org is looking for a program coordinator who can implement and oversee all programs that are carried out at the grassroots level. It is expecting to improve and intensify its programs. Also, Coordination is needed from time to time with various governmental and non-governmental agencies and experts. Training and development of grassroots workers and documentation would be an integral part of the work on devnetjobsindia org.

Besides, Applicants must have a university degree in sociology/social work/MS W or a diploma in rural management. Good writing and documentation skills are required.

Compensation: Also, the consolidated monthly payment during the three-month trial period is Rs. 10,000/- and based on the performance-related balance from Rs. 15,000/- upwards.

2. RFP [Request for Proposal] on devnetjobsindia org

However, to develop a large-scale project proposal on devnetjobsindia org  to integrate coastal and marine biodiversity protection into production sectors in the Godavari River estuary

Also, you submit a proposal for developing a Large-scale Project Proposal on “Integrating Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Manufacturing Sectors in Godavari River Estuary, Andhra Pradesh, India,” according to the attached Terms of Reference (TOR).

devnetjobsindia org

3. Executive Secretary and Program Officer

BORDA-South Asia / CDD Society


  • Also, cademic: Bachelor
  • Technical/professional: Specialist training as an office management clerk
  • Required skills: MS Office and advanced knowledge of MS Excel
  • Relevant industry: NGO

However, devnetjobsindia org  provides technical support for essential services in conception, design, quality control. Also, certification, applied research, optimization and dissemination of decentralized wastewater treatment technologies.  Besides, standard practice development, technology creation, and implementation/coordination research, training.

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Primary Duties and Responsibilities Of devnetjobsindia org

Technical Support For Program Development

  1. Also, as a member of the devnetjobsindia org national sector team, I work closely with office staff to help prepare the field office action plan and WES sector work plan. Assisting in the development and implementation of the WES project components focused on (i) household hygiene, sanitation, and drinking water safety, (ii) WASH in schools, and (iii) water supply and sanitation.
  2. In priority districts, support for WES interventions was developed by other sections of UNICEF, specifically supporting coordination and collaboration with other programs, particularly health, nutrition, communications, devnetjobsindia org and education

System Strengthening and Capacity Development

  1. Assisting in identifying activities of devnetjobsindia org to support community-based approaches in rural water supply, sanitation, hygiene promotion, and cross-sectoral convergence. Help state departments and county agencies strengthen their programs and cross-government convergence to make measurable improvements in adopting critical hygiene practices.
  2. Assisting in reviewing the impact, inclusion, and sustainability of flagship programs such as the Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC), the National Rural Drinking Water Program (NRDWP), and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA), particularly at the community level. Base: Assisting in developing appropriate policies and training for CHWs, WASH in schools, and water quality/safety programs devnetjobsindia org .

devnetjobsindia org

Monitoring and Project Management For Quality Assurance

  1. Support the accurate devnetjobsindia org and timely entry of program information into the program management system (PROMS) and tracking of direct fund transfers to the government, liquidations, and deliveries. The preparation and issuance of program/project status report, budget reviews, annual reports, program analysis, etc., required by management and donors for monitoring and evaluation purposes. Identify and review limitations and take corrective actions where necessary to achieve project goals.
  2. Regularly visit site activities, and assess local conditions and resources. Assisting operations/supply staff with supply and non-supply of WES, ensuring proper and timely accountability from UNICEF and government. Assist in monitoring and submitting the financial status report to the WES specialist and the

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