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Beauty And The Beast VHS

Beauty And The Beast VHS

Introduction: Beauty And The Beast VHS

Beauty and the Beast VHS: A Enchanted Christmas is a 1997 Canadian-American animated musical Christmas fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.  It is a development to the 1991 Disney active film Beauty and the Beast. The film shifted 7.6 million VHS tapes in 1997. It is the first of two sequels to Beauty and the Beast to release, and the other is Belle’s Magical World (1998).

The VHS release plans for Beauty and the Beast date back to January 1992 (two months after its theatrical release on November 22, 1991), and the video was released on October 30, 1992, for $ 24.99. In its first 12 hours of ease of use, the video sold ten times more copies than Fantasia. In its first two days, deals were three times that of Disney’s next best-selling title, 101 Dalmatians. With 20 million copies sold, Beauty and the Beast ultimately became the best-selling videotape of 1992 and broke the record for the year’s best-selling video. Along with the remaining titles from 1992, Beauty and the Beast were also returned to the Disney Vault in April 1993, when it was released on video in Europe and Japan.

The laserdisc release of Beauty and the Beast was the first Disney animate film to be shown in the letterbox widescreen format. The release also involved the documentary Our Guest: The Making of Beauty and the Beast,” which premiered on the Disney Channel when the film was released in theaters and again on April 17, 1993, when Disney Channel celebrated its 10th anniversary. Birthday.

Beauty and the Beast  VHS  Sealed ‘Black Diamond’

Beauty And The Beast VHS

The much sought-after VHS release “Black Diamond” of Beauty and the Beast. Sealed in original shrink film. Circa 1992. The Black Diamond classics series ran between 1984 and 1994 and became a popular series among Disney fans. The original price tag on the front torn, and the withdrawal 100%.

Following The Return of Jafar’s (1994) success, The Walt Disney Company opened Walt Disney Animation Canada Studios in January 1996 to produce potential films for theatrical and live video and utilize the Canadian talent pool. Animators.] With 200 hired animators, Disney Animation Canada had two separate animation facilities in Toronto and Vancouver, overseen by Joan Fischer, a former executive of Canadian public television. Her first project was Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas, which went into pre-production later that spring. Additional animation work was Carrie out by Walt Disney Television Cartoon Australia, Wang Film Productions. located in endian District, Taipei, Taiwan, and Character Builders. It was Disney’s first direct-to-video lively film to use ink and digital paint.

First, the film was to be an immediate increase to the original movie, with the main villain slated to be Davenant, here portrayed as Gaston’s younger brother. Davenant’s area was to avenge Gaston by ruining Beauty and the Prince’s lives and threatening to kill. Them, supposedly using witchcraft to transform the Prince into a Beast and frame Beauty for her. Although it removed from the story and the plot changed, these traits were incorporate into Forte, the pipe organ, which did not want the Beast to become human again. Unlike the other types, Forte was animate entirely by computers.

Disney Special Edition Beauty and the Beast VHS

Beauty And The Beast VHS

Disney’s most loved and acclaimed movie just got better! Beauty And The Beast won the prestigious Golden Globe for Best with its unparalleled blend of magic and award-winning music. Film (1991, best comedy or musical) and  the only animated film ever nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture (R) (1991). Now superbly restored and remastered, La Belle Et La Bette Special Edition features a brand new song, “Human Again. Perfectly integrated into the film. And in this innovation2 Platinum Edition DVDs, you will enter the Castle of the Beast.

Beauty and the Beast VHS Is Successful for $49K

The classic Disney animated film has enchanted audiences for decades. Now you can have rotten, grainy black tape for the price of a good car. This VHS is brand new and comes with the original Pizza Hut coupons. That adorned the front when it was first released. Is it really worth $ 49K? We are not sure it is in perfect condition. But other prints of the same collector’s edition are for sale on eBay for $ 24.99 to $ 4k.

Beauty and the Beast made $ 145.9 million in the United States and $ 351.9 million worldwide after its first release. It was a huge box office success and continues to be a classic. The film won an Oscar for Best Original Song and became the first animated. Film to win the Golden Globe for Best Picture – Musical or Comedy. In 2017, the timeless story  remade in the form of a live-action movie starring Emma Watson.

And now someone on eBay is marketing a sealed copy of the VHS for $ 49,000. Do you have that much money to spend on a VHS tape? Of course, the format is seeing a surge in popularity. But from millennial smokers who pay twenty-five cents a video, if at all. This amount of money seems pretty ridiculous. But someone is sure they can make a small fortune selling their collectible item long hidden on the internet. If you’re looking for a $ 49,000 VHS tape containing an old Disney cartoon, you can bid on eBay.

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