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Benefits of appearing in class 8 maths Olympiad
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Benefits of appearing in class 8 maths Olympiad

Every competitive exam has its own benefits and consequences. Similarly appearing in a maths Olympiad also has its own benefit. To speak in general terms appearing in such an examination brings out students from their comfort zones.

Not just that they have a multi verse effect on the students who participate in these exams. This is because it helps out educationally at times even financially. However, above all these one things that can be guaranteed to learn from these exams is that of character development. This is a long advantage. In other words, we can say that appearing for Olympiads and other competitive examinations makes sure to build and mould students to challenges that can come to them either in short term or in long term. In an actual sense these exams ripe more benefit and knowledge than that what the usual school exams come out with. Hence it is important that students from any stream, school, place etc. appear at least once in these types of exams in order to taste the essence of the same.

Benefits of appearing in class 8 maths Olympiad or Olympiads in General

1.Understanding or clarity of concepts: It is no doubt that people write examinations especially of that of Olympiads and competitive exams to gain or improve their knowledge. Therefore one of the main things that a student can gain from appearing in an Olympiad would be of understanding the concepts. The reason behind this benefit is that these examinations are of high quality having a vast syllabus for which a student has to prepare from various spheres. By doing so a student in the process gets a very good understanding of the basic concepts and thereby building a great foundation. Not just the clarity of concepts but also the application of these concepts become easier while giving various other school exams.

2.Self-learning: Secondly preparation for an Olympiad is an age-long process that does not end in a day or two. While going through the process students tend to grow their self-learning skills in large realms. It is usually in school education this aspect is found to be of very little usage. Hence by doing various activities in the preparation for these Olympiads students tend to build a good base for self-learning without any doubt.

3.Analytical and Problem Solving: Again even this benefit can be compared to that of normal exams. Usually when students give out school examinations the maximum they do is to listen, learn and write exams but the process that they go through in an Olympiad is definitely different because students get to learn how to analyse, solve, interpret, infer, conclude and various other skills sets put together. Thus in this regard, an Olympiad definitely finds itself in a better position than other exams that any students tend to give.

4.Boosts self-confidence: With the growth in knowledge and concepts, students tend to feel an increase in their confidence levels. Apart from this, it is such that Olympiads always puts one challenge or the other to the students. Thereby to overcome these challenges students try to take various steps now and then. Thus is it possible for students to have an improved mindset and thereby improve self-confidence?

5.Assisting academic performances: Though it is usually seen that writing Olympiads would be easier for students going through various NCERT and other material books. However, it is the other way round for the students. There is more than one reason for the same. Firstly a student preparing for school and Olympiads quite have a similar syllabus. Secondly, the effort and practice students invest in these exams have a good effect on their academic performance as well. Thirdly the materials provided for these exams have a better understanding and outlook on the concepts than the usual ones. Hence taking all these reasons put together it can be said that taking part in Olympiads in a way will help to boost academic performances.

6.Preparation for other competitions and exams: Writing Olympiads and similar exams at school levels becomes a very good foundation for various other competitive exams and exams of bigger levels for the future. In other words, we can say they act as a stepping stone for other platforms. By doing preparations in various ways and executing them accordingly a student gets to learn many things in this long term process. Thereby this process just does not help in clearing these Olympiads but also in various other future endeavours as well. IMO class 8 2013 question paper is one such great material that students can make use of.

7.Knowledge: Competitive exams and Olympiads by all chance helps students increase their knowledge in various aspects especially that of the academic aspect.

By wide understanding and great intake of things, it is possible for students to learn more things and accordingly develop knowledge as well.

8.Great Platform: This again forms a dual purpose. Any student who is having a deep interest in these exams may take these things into different levels meaning which it will be possible to establish their talent at school, zonal, district etc. and get good accolades for their good performances. Likewise, students who achieve good things in these competitions have a great chance of winning awards, prizes, certificates and so on which further helps them in building their profile for the present as well as future time period. Students with this talent and achievement tend to make better careers either out of the same or from different but related things.

Taking into this multi-verse and pro-effective benefits a student can learn through these Olympiads it should be the responsibility of schools and other institutions to make these Olympiads grow high in level at various stages. Also, this will increase the quality of students and the young generation will see effective growth. To conclude these are the general and specific Olympiad tips that the students can inculcate in their preparation.

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