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Best Amp Plugins For WordPress Themes
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Best Amp Plugins For WordPress Themes

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages or Amp Plugins For WordPress?

Let us tell you that this magical creation Amp Plugins For WordPress is only possible thanks to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). It is the first free mobile WordPress theme released so far. Many people are confused and have recognized that this is the most critical ranking factor, which is wrong!

AMP WordPress editor only accelerates page loading speed along with its features successfully. Everyone knows that, along with Internet compatibility, the smartphone has entered a new era of technology. Around 58% of websites to be uploading to smartphones in 2018.

They are more likely to go for the desktop or laptop but prioritize tablets and smartphones more. But for that, the site has to be very phone-friendly! Since its introduction in 2015, the October AMP HTML project has been considered the perfect open framework.

amp plugins for wordpress

Amp Plugins

According to Google Research, 53% of mobile web device users abandon sites that take more than three seconds to load fully. In addition, the best result can increase up to 44% of unique visitors to a website, which exceeds 73% per month per year.

At first, the AMP WordPress page builder was not easy to use. But little by little, over time, it has taken over 25 million domains to make it compatible with phones. Here in this article, we will look at the 15 best AMP WordPress plugins. We will also learn about the benefits of using the AMP plugin.

AMP Supremacy

AMP Supremacy is the first free mobile template widely recognized as the best WordPress plugin to install and configure AMP easily. It is explicitly developing to transform WordPress website tags, categories, posts, and pages. It plays a massive role in your eyesight on the cell phone display platform and retains its entirety.

WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress

Third on this list is WP AMP-Accelerated Mobile marketing Pages for WordPress. Since it plays a vital role in multimedia, marketing promotion, and AMP monetization, it is popularly known as Business WordPress Themes. You can use it by generating customizable AMP pages.

Template-Google AMP

Now you can easily reach a wider audience with just your smartphone. Mobile device developers developed and optimized it for various purposes such as online publishing, advertising companies, and e-commerce companies. It allows you to have extensive customizable options for the website.

Facebook Instant Articles and Page Frog Google AMP Pages

amp plugins for wordpress

Enjoy the seamless interface of each WordPress site with premium AMP WordPress themes. It allows direct control of the content and the observation of its synchronization on social networking sites. FBIA and AMP worked together and provided many tools to personalize published content.

AMP in WordPress

It is one of the most prominent free premium WordPress themes you can find. Only the premium user can use turnkey assistance. It will make the website beautiful, reliable, and fast loading.
It also has an automatic conversion marketing function for the other AMP formats.

AdSense WP QUADS Plugin

It has given 5-star ratings to the best WordPress themes. It is precisely to optimize the marketed content of websites. Your job is to match the ads according to user preferences and report the number of admins using the adblocker. Function settings are automatically integrating after installation.

Best AMP: Full WordPress AMP

While it is new to this vast entity, it will take time to be excellent. Also, it is generally for its fast loading, and it is the best free AMP plugin with more features. However, it is how you can find the search bar, tags, menus, posts, pages, and categories of web pages. It is the solution for a vital integration task for mobile sites.

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