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Bloodstained Walkthrough and Strategy for Ritual of the Night
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Bloodstained Walkthrough and Strategy for Ritual of the Night


Bloodstained Walkthrough – There’s little to say about Bloodstain Other than Night Ritual It’s good. From the day the game hit Kickstarter four years ago, it’s always been clear what it set out to achieve. It would be nice if I could do that. If not, it will be a failure.

So yes, Ritual of the Night is good, and that’s because its developers achieved their singular task reviving “Igavania,” a distinctive style of Castlevania game that producer Koji Igarashi only had at Konami. Worked for more than Beginning with 1997’s Symphony of the Night, Igarashi transformed the action-oriented Castlevania series into a mix of Metroid-style exploration with heavy RPG elements. The two trilogies, on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS, were generally very successful.

Ritual of the Night is Igarashi’s first game since leaving Konami, and as the name suggests, is unabashedly inspired by Symphony of the Night and its successors. The game now renders with polygons, not pixels, but that’s the only significant change. Thematically, stylistically, and mechanically, Ritual of the Night is a Castellonia game in all but name.

How to Reach Area of Bloodstained Walkthrough

bloodstained walkthrough

Bloodstained Walkthrough Ritual of the Night needs a lot of walking from one side of the world to the other. Every new skill you get unlocks new paths to new areas and new skills. It is unclear which way to go next, especially to get to the actual end of the game.

This guide will walk you in the order in which you approach the areas of the game. We’ve broken it down based on the skills or items you get in each one.

Craftsmanship & Double Jump

Let’s start by opening the game and getting your first fragmentation skills

Start in Galleon Minerva and travel through Arvantville to the Entrance.
Tour the Garden of Silence and return to the Entrance to reach the Dian Cecht Cathedral.
Obtain the Craft skill from Handicraft at Dian Cecht Cathedral. This ability creates a giant hand that you can use to move obstacles.
Use arts and crafts to lead your way through the Garden of Silence.
Stay to the Tower of Twin Dragons and then return to Livre Ex Machina
Defeat Andrealphus to get the second jump ability.

Tower of the Twin Dragons & Plate

Tower of the Twin Dragons & Plate

The next obstacle is to get the access plate to access the Bridge of Evil

Return to the Tower of Twin Dragons and take Valac.
Collect the Silver Bromide from the chest at the bottom of the tower.
Take the silver bromide to Dominique in Arvantville for her picture.
Bring your photo to Orlok Dracule at Livre Ex Machina to receive the custom-fit plate.
Take the access plate to the Bridge of Evil and take the train to the Underground Wizardry Laboratory.

Reflecting Beam & Termination Room

Reflector Beam ability will open several new areas of the map

Defeat Bathin in the Underground Wizardry Laboratory to obtain the Reflector Beam ability.
Go to Livre Ex Machina and use Reflector Beam to get to the Hall of Termination.
You can meet and defeat Gebel at this point to get the first bad ending, Just a Flicker.

Blood Steal Aqua Current, & Deep Sink

We Need to acquire some water-based skills to explore deeper underground

Instead of facing Gebel, travel from the Hall of Completion to Dian Cecht’s Cathedral.
Defeat Bloodless to obtain the Blood Steal ability.
Use Blood Steal to empty the blood fountain at the Entrance.
Drop into the forbidden underground channel.
Farm all the Deeseama you find until one drops the Aqua Stream Shard. This ability allows you to travel underwater.
Go to the Hidden Desert and fight Alfred to collect the Deep Sinking Shard.

Container moves more freely underwater, keep exploring the Forbidden Underground Channel

Go left through the Forbidden Underground Canal to reach the Secret Laboratory of Wizardry.
Defeat the doppelganger and continue to Hell’s Cave.
Defeat Orobas to obtain the Reverse Shards ability.
Return to the Tower of Twin Dragons to collect the Aegis Plate Armor.

ORIENTAL Magic Laboratory

With Invert and Aegis Plate, you can finally reach the rest of the areas in the Entrance.

Go back to the Entrance and use the Invert plate and Aegis to get to the Oriental Wizardry Lab.

Confront Zangetsu and defeat Zangetsu a second time to obtain his Zangetsuto sword.


Now you can get to the second bad ending or blaze a new path to the actual end

Go back to the Termination Room and confront Gebel.
Defeating him will give you the usurper’s lousy ending.
Instead of defeating him, attack the moon if it turns red in the middle of the fight. It will break the Gremory demon’s influence on Gebel.
Gremory will then flee to the Garden of Silence like the moon.

CAVE of the Behemoths

Final areas will only be unlocking once you reach this point on the path of the true ending

Find the Moon Gremory in the Garden of Silence and attack the Zangetsuto to open a portal to the Behemoth’s cave.
Continue until you reach the glacier tomb.
Fight and defeat Gremory to obtain the Shard Shift Skill.
Go left through the glacier tomb to find the last two bosses. Defeat them for the true endgame, Dethroned.

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