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Digital Marketing: 5 Tips for Engaging Homeowners in Need of Services

Digital Marketing: 5 Tips for Engaging Homeowners in Need of Services

Gone are the days of engaging homeowners through yard signs and listings. To run a home service company, adopt digital marketing for home services.

Nowadays, most homeowners search for services online. Guide them to see you as a trusted home services partner versus just another vendor. Therefore, use the savvy digital marketing tips below to connect with homeowners.

1. Get Specific with Targeted Content

Generic content with “home maintenance” topics is boring and won’t entice homeowners. Instead, create content explicitly covering the exact services you provide. Create blog posts, videos, and social media content zeroed in on specific issues. Then, offer your solutions – think of clogged drains or garage door replacements.

The more targeted your content is, the better it engages your target audience. Address the homeowners already looking for help with those household headaches. Ensure you optimize all content for local SEO to get more leads.

2. Spotlight Easy Ways to Take Action

Don’t just educate homeowners – show them the next steps! Include user-friendly call-to-actions across channels guiding homeowners to convert:

“Click here to download our home maintenance checklist.”

“Text (your number) to schedule a free quote.”

“Visit us at( your location) to learn more.”

Calls-to-action give immediate and accessible ways to engage. So, spotlight them prominently within blogs, videos, website pages, and social posts.  A convincing call to action is the essence of digital marketing for home services. Without a CTA  your efforts won’t bear fruit.

3. Get Visual with Snackable Video

Many users love video content for quickly consuming information. And video marketing focused on addressing homeowner needs grabs their attention. Short 60-90 videos work best:

” Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater”

“How to Unclog a Bathroom Sink Drain”

“When to Call an Electrician vs. DIY Electrical Issues”

Leverage simple screencasts or talking head videos to demonstrate your expertise. Then, promote your videos across owned channels and social media. This will interest homeowners to take the next step with your brand.

4. Use Social Proof through Ratings & Reviews

Positive word-of-mouth goes far! 88% of people rely on online reviews and recommendations from family or friends. Gather credible proof of concept – particularly on Google Business Profile and Facebook. Then feature satisfied customers vouching for the quality service you provide homeowners.

Proactively requesting reviews after service interactions keeps the social proof ball rolling. Then, prominently display badges for 4+ star ratings on your website and Google listings.

5. Retarget Engaged Website Visitors

Your website visitors drop hints on what matters most through their on-site behavior. So, if a visitor checks out particular pages before bouncing, it’s perfect. It means you’ve sparked an interest.

Use ‘cookies’ to track this behavior and then serve customized ads to reconnect with homeowners. Retargeting your visitors demonstrates preliminary engagement.

The key is crafting retargeting ads aligned to that early website engagement. This prevents retargeting from feeling overly salesy or intrusive to homeowners.

Bringing It All Together

Digital marketing for home services involves building a connection with local homeowners. Focus on addressing real needs through targeted content that has engaging videos. Use the digital marketing tips above to engage and ease their pain points.

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