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How to Make Promotional Poster for Facebook Marketing

How to Make Promotional Poster for Facebook Marketing

Posters have been one of the most popular ways of advertising for businesses since time immemorial. Whenever you wish to announce something about your business/brand, a poster is one of the first few things that come to the mind. Widely used for special events, promoting new products and alerting customers about various other things, posters offer myriad advantages. Therefore, they are still regarded as a great marketing strategy for social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

No matter for what purpose you are thinking of deploying poster marketing, your poster should look attractive.

Keep it as simple as possible while showcasing creativity and originality. While creating a promotional poster for Facebook marketing, you should focus on using some formulas with proper guidelines. This is to ensure that your efforts can excite people about the business you are promoting. 

Through this post, we will introduce you to some of the best poster-making strategies. Follow these tips.

Deciding on your poster type at the outset is mandatory. There are a variety of poster types when it comes to marketing and these include minimalist posters, typography posters, event posters and so on. If you have designed a poster before, it is recommended that you move away from that design and try something new this time. This is important because people look for change every time. So, go on and try to make a different poster this time. When you play around with new elements, people can get interested easily. 

  • Simplicity

Whenever you make a poster, take simplicity as the game changer. If your design is simple and clean, it will make people understand things better. A simple design of a poster looks well-organized due to a fewer number of elements, which can still deliver a strong message. 

The simpler the design of your poster is, the more appealing it will appear. So, avoid stuffing your poster with too many things and focus on simple details. Also, it is important to understand that you don’t need to use all your creativity in one place; keep some ideas handy for the next campaign. 

  • Font size

Font size is another vital factor to be considered when you make a poster. Your font size should be according to the size of the poster, and not too large or small. Therefore, it is essential to keep in mind the dimensions. While choosing the font, ensure that it’s not too fancy and easy to read. Also, always keep away from small text as it can put a strain on the eyes of the reader. 

  • Images

Adding a picture to your poster means giving it life. The whole idea behind images is that people prefer looking at the images first and then reading the text. Images not just add an edge to your content, but also enhance the appeal. But, you must be picky when it comes to choosing an image. As per the theme of your poster, opt for a suitable and meaningful image, as the image forms the base of your design. 

  • A proper balance

A visually attractive poster makes a big impact. Therefore, maintaining a proper balance is vital. To bring balance to your poster, you must align the logo, text, graphics, image, etc. accordingly. In case you have applied overlay on your graphics and text, it should be visually appealing to prevent any distortion in the advertisement poster template. Besides, do not forget to keep the image, header and other components proportionally aligned to enhance grace and appeal. 

  • Clarity of purpose

For a good poster promotion, having a clear purpose in mind is needed. Therefore, your poster should be made in such a way that its purpose should be instantly grasped. The best way to bring clarity to your message is to limit yourself to a single message or purpose at a time. For instance, if you make a poster for marketing and a video ad for your products and services, people should immediately be able to relate to your video ad when they see your poster on Facebook. This is also one of the simplest approaches to maintain uniformity.

  • CTA and contact details

CTA guides the audience to get involved in some action after seeing your poster or ad for a campaign. So, depending on what you want your target audience to do, add a specific CTA or call-to-action, like “buy now”, “enroll now”, “check out”, etc. 

You must access and analyze your poster after designing is done. This will help you know whether people will buy your products and services after seeing your poster or not. 

Another essential thing that cannot go missing is your contact information. So, ensure that your poster has it. When you provide your contact details, your audience knows whom to reach out to for further information and queries related to the products and services you are providing. 

Mentioning your social media handles, contact number, website, hashtags, etc. is a mandate. Besides, you can also add your QR code to improve the rate of engagement and attract a new customer base. 

  • Color and contrasting

Color and contrast play a vital role in improving attractiveness. With the right color choices, you can catch anyone’s attention easily while making your poster stand out from the rest. One trusted way to make your poster stand out is to use bold and bright colors. Therefore, you can go with the rich and deep shades for the background while opting for light and subtle shades for the foreground and other detailing. Drawing attention to your logo is also important, plus you can also think of other tactics to catch the audience’s eye. Last but not the least, your poster shades and tones must match your theme to make it a hit on-screen.


Customizing your poster for marketing on a social media site is not easy. But, if you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can easily achieve what you are aiming for. It is recommended that you check some poster samples online to get a solid idea about posters for marketing. opt for a poster-making tool available online to ease up your activities. We hope with these tips, you will be able to create eye-catchy posters each time!

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