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All About Microsoft keyboard

All About Microsoft keyboard

Microsoft keyboard

Microsoft keyboard is a piece of computer hardware used to enter text, characters, and other commands into a computer or similar device.

Although the keyboard is an external peripheral on a desktop system (it sits outside of the leading computer case) or is “virtual” on a tablet, it is an integral part of the overall computer system.

Microsoft and Logitech are among the most popular manufacturers of physical keyboards, but many other hardware manufacturers also make them.

Physical Description of the Microsoft Keyboard

Modern computer keyboards were modeling on and similar to classic typewriter keyboards. Many keyboard layouts are available worldwide (e.g. Dvorak and JCUKEN), but most English keyboards are QWERTZ. Other languages ​​have different standard formats.

Still, some also have a number pad, additional features like volume control, buttons to turn off or hibernate the device, and dedicated programmable shortcut keys.

Also, keys that light up when pressed, or even a built-in trackball -Mouse that claims to offer an easy way to use both the keyboard and mouse without taking your hand off the keyboard.

Types of Keyboard Connections

Microsoft keyboard

Many Microsoft keyboard are wireless and communicate with the computer via Bluetooth.

Wired mo keyboards often connect via the USB Type-A connector, but some use USB-C. Older keyboards are connected via a PS/2 connection. Of course, laptop keyboards are built-in but would technically be considered “wired” because that’s how they relate to the computer.

Tablets, phones, and other computers with touch surfaces often don’t include physical keyboards. However, most have USB ports or wireless technology to connect external keyboards.

Like tablets and mobiles, virtually all modern smart phones have on-screen keyboards that pop up when needed.

Laptops and net books have built-in keyboards, but they can have external keyboards connected via USB like tablets.

Microsoft keyboard Shortcuts

we probably don’t use them, or we’re not sure why we use them. Below are some examples of keyboard keys that can be used to form a new function.

Modifier Keys

Some keys that you should be familiar with are called modifier keys. You’ll likely see some of these in the troubleshooting guides here.

Windows Key

Although the regular use of the Windows key (i.e. start key, flag key, logo key) is to open the start menu, it can be used for many things.

Win+D is an example of using this key to quickly show/hide the desktop. Win+E is another handy program that quickly opens File Explorer.

Change Keyboard Options

In Windows, you can change your Microsoft keyboard settings like repeat delay, repeat rate, and blink rate in the Control Panel.

Third-party software like SharpKeys allows you to make advanced changes to a keyboard. This free program edits the Windows registry to reassign one key to another or disable one or more keys entirely.

Sharp Keys

It is extremely helpful when you are missing a key on your keyboard. For example, if you don’t have the Enter key, you can remap the Caps Lock key (or the F1 key, etc.) to the Enter function, which essentially removes the tasks of the previous key to reuse the last one. It can also map buttons to web controls like a refresh.

Microsoft Keyboards Layout Creator is another free tool that you can use to quickly change your keyboard layout. Little Tiny Fish has a good explanation of how to use the program.

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