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How To Salvage Data From Damaged USB Drives

How To Salvage Data From Damaged USB Drives

How to salvage data from damaged USB drives is something everyone has to deal with sooner or later. Whether your hard disk has been fried because of spilling coffee on it, or it’s just plain old age and the hard disk is screaming at you—there are several ways to salvage the information you want.

Trying to salvage data from a damaged USB drive can be challenging. I’ve also seen many people just throw away the drive because they didn’t know how to retrieve data. Unfortunately, this is the typical response when we are unable to fix a malfunctioning device. In this article, I’ll give you the ways that I’ve salvaged data from damaged USB drives.

Data Recovery Software Program On Your Damaged USB Drive

The Wondershare Data Recovery software can recover your data lost from accidentally deleted, formatted or damaged USB, digital camera, external hard drive, MP3/MP4 player, and so on. Just three simple steps: connect to PC, scan and recover. The 100% safe process ensures that the files are not damaged in the recovery process.

The Hard Drive Data Recovery Software Program will deep scan the drive or device looking for any trace of files you may have deleted or that are hidden due to corruption, software failure, formatting or just accidental deletion.

Want to recover USB data on your own? Stellar Phoenix USB Recovery software easily retrieves lost data from damaged, corrupted and logically damaged USB drives. It can restore any multimedia, document and other files from formatted or re-formatted USB flash drive. The software is compatible with all types of USB drives including pen drive, keychain drive, thumb drive, jet flash drive, and memory stick.The software supports FAT 16/32 and exFAT file system respectively in Windows and Mac OSX. The software has the support for both types of formats such as NTFS and HFS+ file systems. The amazing thing about the software is that it works on read-only mode i.e.; it never modifies the original content or structure of the data while performing recovery.

Hardware Issues With Your Damaged USB Drive

You’ll need an external hard drive equal to or greater than the size of your internal drive. For example, if you have a 750GB drive in your Mac you’ll need at least that much space available on an external hard drive, USB thumbdrive, or networked drive to store the backup file on.

Professional Help To Fix Your Damaged USB Drive

We will repair any USB flash drive no matter the size or device.  Regardless of the brand, we are able to fix your memory device. We work on any media type from a 16GB USB drive to a 2TB external hard drive. We perform our process successfully over 95% of the time and we guarantee to recover your files, photos and videos no matter how badly damaged your device is.

Create Backups Of Your Data

Your business is important to you. Protect your customers, data, and infrastructure with a solution ensures that your crucial business data is backed up easily and safely. CrashPlan® PRO Online Backup is an easy to use cloud backup service that protects all of your data with a consistent, automated backup schedule.

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