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Car Trade Tech IPO Date, Price, GMP, Review, & Details
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Car Trade Tech IPO Date, Price, GMP, Review, & Details

Car Trade

Car Trade brought in a total of Rs 281.52 billion, Rs 318.44 billion, and Rs 266.80 billion for the company. The revised income figures came out to be Rs 101.07 billion, Rs 31.29 billion, and Rs 25.91 billion, in that order.

For the 21st fiscal year, its adjusted EBITDA margin was 27.62 percent, 22.71 percent, and 24.42 percent. The fiscal years 2019 and 2020, in that order.

The total cost of ownership increased 13.4 percent CAGR (less than revenue growth).

Resulting in an EBITDA of Rs 39.4 billion in FY 21 compared to a loss of Rs 20.5 billion in FY 2018, “said Choice Broking analysts.

car trade


In fiscal 2018, Car trade Tech reported positive cash flow from operations with an average cash flow of Rs 29,200 crore.

Additionally, despite a 20.6 percent CAGR increase in financial liabilities during the FY18-21 period.

Also, the company’s operations were virtually debt-free with an average leverage ratio of 0.1x. Return on Invested Capital (RoIC) .


Car Trade with an estimated 90 percent of Indian customers using online channels to research before buying a new or used car.

Also, the space is vulnerable to market share gains by organized players (especially those with end-to-end presence) at the expense of today’s disorganized and fragmented industrial segments.

In this sense, CarTrade Tech benefits from its range of strong brands. CarWale and BikeWale ranked first in relative online search popularity error in fiscal year 21 compared to their peers.

At the same time, Shriram Automall was a top used car auction platform in fiscal 2020 based on quantity. Of vehicles sold.

Long Term Subscription Of Car Trade

Using its leading brands, the company provides services for various vehicle categories, including new and used automobiles.

Also,  used two-wheelers, and used commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Its crossover approach increases your efficiency and profitability, as the services and technologies can be used and applied across all vehicle categories.

All About Car Trade

There is important scope for growth in the Indian automotive industry.

Annual new car sales in India to increase from 2.7 million new vehicles in fiscal 2021 to 4.4 million new vehicles in fiscal 2026.

Also, while annual used car sales are expressing to increase. From 4.4 million used cars in fiscal 2020 to 8.3 million used cars in fiscal 2026.

Also in India, annual sales of new two-wheelers are expecting to increase from 15.1 million new vehicles in fiscal 2021 to 26.6 million new vehicles in fiscal 2026.

However, while the brokerage firm is rated ‘Subscribe’ on the issue due to Car Trade’s well-positioned balance sheet and plans to capitalize on adjacent business opportunities.

car trade

Change Of Elections

CarTrade is an electronic exchange focused on the automotive sector, and therefore there is no comparable company with similar marketing activities.

In a higher price range of Rs. 1,618, Car Trade is asking for an EV / Sales multiple of 26.6x, which we find attractive given its scalable business model, profitable operation, and business growth opportunities in the automotive value chain.

Hem Values For Car Trade

The company operates on a light asset business model and only operates 114 machines.

Also, the vast majority of which the company rents or leases to third parties.

The company marketing has made significant investments in the construction of technology.

Platforms that can handle substantial offerings without significant additional investments.

Its increasing size has resulted in a reduction in the proportion of fixed costs.

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