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No Internet Connection? How to Troubleshoot Internet Issues
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No Internet Connection? How to Troubleshoot Internet Issues

With the expansion of smart devices, online gaming consoles and platforms, having a secure and high-speed internet connection become important more than ever now. However, if there is a consistent lag in your online connection and it takes forever for any task to complete then there is a possibility that there is an issue you’re your internet services provider. Therefore only the best internet services providers are recommended. For instance, Xfinity bundles offer great packages to their customers at pocket-friendly rates and assure you reliable and high-speed internet.

In such a case where there is a constant lack of connection and the internet keeps dropping, you must get in touch with your service provider. Nevertheless, before contacting you can always troubleshoot your connection.

Restart the Device

Well if it is the one and only, restart your device. Rebooting your computer or device should be the first step to check whether it solves the problem. It’s amazing how often one basic action solves problems.If restarting your computer or device doesn’t work, you’ll need to look into each possible problem area to determine if access is restored.

Visit Other Websites

It is also a plausible option that maybe the site you are trying to reach is down. Try opening another website to check if it is your internet that is not working or maybe the website is down for all the visitors.

Check all the Devices

Whether your computer isn’t working, investigate if your tablet or your spouse’s or roommate’s laptop can connect to the internet. If the problem is limited to a single device, you can safely isolate the issue to that device.If your Wi-Fi isn’t working on any device, the issue is most likely with your router, modem, or Internet service provider. It’s also possible that the Ethernet wire from your modem to your router is defective.

Router and Modem Blinking Lights

The router and the modem are the backbones for the internet connection at your home. Remove the modem and router from the network and leave them disconnected for about a minute. Then plug them in again to see if they can reconnect. Unplugging them allows the machine to clean its memory banks and resume functions.

You must check on your equipment to see the blinking LED lights in the front and decode them. The light for the internet connection is labeled with a globe icon, WAN, or internet. If the light is on, which is usually white or green. It could be solid or maybe flashing. However, if the light is red or not turned on at all, that means that the internet is not working properly and there might be an issue from the back end.

Virus Scanning

Malicious code on your PC might sometimes disrupt your internet connection. Scan for spyware, viruses, and malware, which can all slow down your web browsing and affect the general efficiency of your computer. Windows 10 includes Windows Defender, which does a good job, but there are lots of other free and subscription-based programs to choose from.

Clean the Settings

If rebooting your router doesn’t solve the problem, it’s conceivable that a specific configuration is to blame. Reset your router to its factory default settings to see if that helps. Most routers need pushing and holding a small reset button on the back panel for several seconds until the LED lights begin flashing. After it has been reset, you can log into the online interface and start over. Just make sure you don’t enable the identical setting that triggered the issue, to begin with.

Call the Internet Service Provider (ISP)

This has to be your very last option. Should you possess your gear instead of leasing it from your internet service provider, there can be some indiscretions occurring between the network of your ISP and your modem and router. The best plan of action in that case is to get in touch with your provider and ask about the problem.You’ll probably get a clear answer from the ISP’s tech support team regarding whether or not their service is unavailable. The ISP can reset the system and force the network to recognize your modem if it isn’t working properly with the network because of a malfunction in the modem.


Since our lives have become so reliant on the internet, minor lags or disconnections can certainly cause frustration but they are can easily be coped up with. There are sometimes chances that the internet connections are disrupted due to the heavy traffic as well, so it might fall back in sometime. However, it is never harmful to do some troubleshooting on your own or even contact the ISP so you can get to the root cause as soon as possible.

It can get increasingly frustrating when you want to download your favourite movies from thenewpiratebay and you are unable to do so. This is why you need to follow all the pointers and guidelines that have been mentioned in the article to troubleshoot your internet problems and worries.

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