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Best Green Lantern Comics
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Best Green Lantern Comics

Best Green Lantern Comics

Best Green Lantern Comics is perfect example of this message because Green Lantern is not a destination but working title.

It removes the “true” aspect and goes a long way in helping character transitions. But it also brings lightness and efficiency to the stories.

Green Lantern Stories are vehicles that lead a new hero on an adventure faster by making clever use of the already existing and easy-to-understand Lantern Corps. This craft makes the hero’s origins essential but not so complicated that it is difficult to go beyond. Also, it means that the start of it is not a transformation. The moment cosmic rays strike the Fantastic Four, they change fundamentally and forever. On the other hand, flashlights feel more like the same people they always were, only with a new job.

The Silver Age taught fans and creators at least one message: “Heroes” are more important than the characters they play if you count the appearances from the main continuity, thirteen Thorns, six Marvel Captains, maybe three or four Wolverines, and Spider-Humans worth a solar system.

Best Green Lantern Comics 9 Essential About Hal Jordan

Best Green Lantern Comics

When Alan Scott doesn’t count, Hal Jordan is the “first” Green Lantern as he is the first person selected by a Green Lantern Power Ring for his ability to overcome great fear. Together with John Stewart, he is mainly characterized by his arrogant personality and experience as a fighter pilot.

Showcase Best Green Lantern Comics

Best Green Lantern Comics

The funny that started it all, this little experiment in Setting 22, was written by John Broome and illustrated with classic illustrations by Gil Kane City.

Emerald Twilight (1994)

The Ron Merz story illustrated by Darryl Banks depicts Hal Jordan’s psychological breakdown after the destruction of Coast City.

Taken in grief but unable to use his ring to cope with the loss due to the Guardians’ mandates, Hal goes on a rampage across the universe towards Oa, crossing the Green Lanterns and stealing their rings.

The biggest status quo change in Green Lantern history, the story culminates in the birth of Parallax — Hal Jordan, reborn as DC’s newest supervillain, whose reign of terror over the DC universe lasted years. It also introduced Kyle Rayner, the sole remaining bearer of the Green Lantern title.

Willworld (2001)

Written to the brink of absurdity by JM DeMatteo and illustrated with glorious ridicule by Seth Fisher, this one-off “prequel”.

Comic takes place shortly after Hal Jordan’s call-up to the Corps, marvelling at his memories and through a land.

Of indecipherable people, Wonder wanders where nothing makes sense.

Rebirth (2004)

In this story, Geoff Johns immediately began his entry into the Green Lantern myth, restoring the old status quo and building a multi-year epic saga that led to the massive Blackest Night event later that decade.

DC: The New Frontier (2004)

This six-issue, retro-style comic, written and illustrated by Darwin Cooke, occurs in the mid-20th century.

Revenge Of The Green Lanterns (2006)

Hal Jordan closes the circle of parallax fallout and finds himself in this four-part story by Geoff Johns and artist Ivan Reis in front of the Green Lanterns he believed he killed on his way to Oa during the Emerald Twilight.

Secret Origin (2008)

After the epic spectacle of the Sinistral Corps War that marked one of the best Green Lantern comics of the 2000s, Geoff Johns felt it appropriate to make some retrospective changes. The Green Lantern continuity would help contextualize recent events and the future.

Green Lantern: Earth One (2018)

Along with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Teen Titans in the comic book series “Earth One. Which reinvent iconic DC superheroes, Hal Jordan stars in this radical alternative take on the Green Lantern myth.


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