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Viral marketing pursues spreading information regarding a product or service from one individual to another via word of mouth, the Internet, or email. It aims to inspire people to share a marketing message with friends, family, and others to increase the number of recipients.

Understanding Viral Marketing

  • Viral marketing is a sales method that includes organic or word-of-mouth info about a product or service to spread at an increasing rate.
  • The Internet and the advent of social media have significantly increased the number of viral messages in memes, shares, likes, and forwards.
  • Some marketing campaigns try to trigger virality; however, precisely what goes viral often remains a mystery.
  • Once something goes viral, it’s an easy and inexpensive way for a message to gain popularity.
  • It can increase a company’s reach and its customer base.


  • Far-reaching
  • Faster and exponential growth
  • Lower costs


  • Negative word of mouth
  • Hard to measure
  • Low virality

Why is viral marketing important?

Viral marketing is essential as content can reach many people relatively quickly. Viral marketing also builds excitement around a product or brand, increasing awareness and possibly purchase motivation.

Ten Viral Marketing Principles to Follow

Some principles run through each viral marketing campaign which is listed below:

Effective viral marketing campaigns have:

  1. Excellent planning
  2. Audience participation
  3. Show and value for the press
  4. Humor and sympathy
  5. A worthwhile cause
  6. Celebrity star power (optional)
  7. Low barrier to entry
  8. A perfect incentive
  9. Exclusiveness
  10. Urgency

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