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4 Growth Minded Tactics To Help You Outshine Your Competition

4 Growth Minded Tactics To Help You Outshine Your Competition

You’re in the business of growth, but when you’re deep into daily operations, the path forward can be cloudy. Banish business stagnation by adopting a growth mindset and initiating tactics to outshine and outperform the competition. When you do, your business will do its best work.

1. Establish Authority Through Storytelling

You might be the best in the business, but if no one knows it, there’s no way to grow. First, distill what authority means in your industry and determine who needs to deliver the message. If you’re an attorney, a ledger of winning cases might help, but so can a well-crafted primer on an issue. Legal issues are complicated and finding a solid source of truth is rare.

Next, determine the criteria for credibility and sort out how to check the necessary boxes. Elevate your public profiles to include expertise, background, and education. Use every platform at your disposal to become searchable online and provide consistent results to potential clients. Work with a growth marketing agency to ensure you’re in the right places, using every tool and asset at your disposal.

Finally, increase your visibility in the places potential clients may be. Resist the urge to think like yourself, as your target audience is the focus, not your preferences. Your growth marketing partners can help you pinpoint where you need to be, offering expert insights on the best strategy. Post bylined articles on sites where potential clients are already reading, even if it’s not a legal advice site. Show up where clients are with accurate, authoritative, and helpful information to build credibility, trust, and new business.

2. Identify Your Unique Offer

Even in a saturated industry, there’s something that sets you apart. Your unique approach to problem solving, staff makeup, or client engagement strategy may be commonplace to you. However, your novel way of working might come as a refreshing surprise for clients looking to hire. Look outward and take an objective view of your fiercest competitors and think back to why you started. Your frustration with the status quo may be a feeling others relate to but they just haven’t found you yet.

Conduct market research and gather both qualitative and quantitative data to inform your assessment. Review message boards, review sites, and trusted third-parties to broaden your dataset. Find themes, pain points, and corral outliers to keep your research focused. Then, articulate what makes you or your process different and integrate that core message throughout your channels.

Resist the urge to compete on price, as that’s always a losing battle. Instead, focus on value and how your approach benefits the customer, all at a fair price. If you’re a precision manufacturing shop with an entrepreneurial spirit, you may not be ideal for bureaucratic government contracts. However, your ingenious and flexible approach may be perfect for an innovative client looking to experiment with new materials. Make your unique factors synonymous with your name to draw clients that are the right fit.

3. Understand and Elevate the Voice of the Customer

If you don’t know who you’re serving, you’re likely to miss valuable opportunities. Focus on learning as much as you can about your client base and how to enrich your relationship. Find out what you’re doing well through follow-up surveys, delivered in the customers’ channel of choice. Complete this follow-up cycle in a timely fashion to get an accurate depiction of their experience before details become fuzzy.

Analyze and interpret this data quickly to correct immediate issues. For interactions associated with orders and on-site service, issue resolution is imperative for customer satisfaction. Strive to make things right as soon as possible and bring the experience in-house for forensics. Dig into what happened, what went wrong, and how to improve. Share this story with your team and source insights and suggestions from all layers of the organization.

When you get buy-in from the team who will be responsible for implementing changes, your odds of success improve. Make an elevated customer experience part of your company identity, and keep your customer’s voice constant. Start meetings with a reminder of who you’re serving and what they need. Assign them a chair in meetings as a symbol of their presence, a favorite tactic among many top tech firms. Anticipate their needs, be helpful, and build solutions for their problems and you’ll be ahead of the rest.

4. Invest in Automation and Technology

Facilitate an environment where your talented team members do the work that only they can uniquely do. Invest in technology systems that support your digital demands, both internal and external. Upgrade your website to allow customers to self-serve, shop, and check out with as little friction as possible. Integrate with payment tools like ShopPay that securely store payment data, boosting conversion rates.

Store owned data in a customer relationship management system to efficiently manage customer actions. Sync profiles with email marketing campaigns and customer engagement initiatives like birthday messages and milestones relevant to your product. Your team can focus on building the customer journeys and monitoring their performance while your CRM delivers them. With this investment, your team can focus on value-added work that requires a human touch and elevates the customer experience.

Drive Sustainable Growth With Strategy

Harness the excitement of these growth minded tactics with a strategy, timeline, and goals. Let your imagination run wild, but log the ideas you and your team generate while in creative mode. Sit on your ideas before moving on to prioritization and project kickoff. By being methodical, you can ensure you’re pursuing the most effective tactics that’ll build a sustainable, successful future.

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