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Thing You Should Know About Business Games and Wrike Cost

Thing You Should Know About Business Games and Wrike Cost

So-called simulation games or business games have become very popular. Whether at prestigious universities or large multinational corporations, video games have become the perfect tool to teach how to start a business or manage product supply chains.

That’s all well and good, but what exactly are simulation or business games? What are its advantages and the most famous examples?

Business Games

business games

Simulation games to teach skills and concepts related to economics or the business world. It can be content on corporate or operational customer relationship management, finance, human resources, trading, or stock trading.

Most of these games use simulators to mimic real life and encourage experiential learning. So much, so that business games are also known as business games.

The simulation games initially followed the spirit of the United States Army’s experiments in the 1950s to train its soldiers. In the 1960s, several universities incorporated simulation games into their economics and economics departments, using board games and experience-based activities to teach students. Video games eventually took their place and are still evolving, making their way into educational institutions like Harvard or companies like Coca-Cola.

What Are The Advantages Of Simulation Games?

The growing popularity of simulation games has a simple explanation: they work. The overwhelming scientific evidence confirms that the use of games and simulators improves the learning process. Why?

Learning By Doing

The secret to the success of simulation games lies in your ability to map real problems and practice knowledge and skills directly in the simulator. Students have a safe environment (therefore no financial risk) to immerse themselves in the same company issues that company managers regularly encounter and react and interact with them.

Interactive Learning

Another critical aspect of simulation games is their ability to capture student engagement and participation. Numerous studies show that our brain can better remember knowledge if we actively participate or interact with learning. Compared to face-to-face or video lessons, simulation games strengthen the direct and emotional participation of the student.

Cost Reduction

Even if developing a good simulation game requires time, knowledge, and money, economies of scale, once created, bring a substantial competitive advantage.

How Much Does Wrike Cost

Want to know how much does wrike cost? So keep reading to know about the pricing and plans of wrike. Wrike is very expensive and out of reach of most startups. It is more expensive per user than most other project management apps in the market. Unlike face-to-face lessons, these simulation implementing quickly and safely anywhere in the world.

Examples Of Simulation Games

business games

Top 4 Business Games


This video game, first published in 1995, soon became a classic simulation game. Used by Harvard and Stanford Universities, Capitalism helps students understand and overcome the challenges of virtually any business and sector (marketing, sales, manufacturing, or import/export). Its latest version, Capitalism Lab, was released in 2012.

Beer Distribution Game

Designed by the Massachusetts School of Business in the late 1960s, this game was reinterpreting and reworked many times. It plans to teach all the supply and distribution chains (with cost overruns, delays, and multiple suppliers).


This legendary video game focuses on the process of building and managing a city. Players must establish transportation and utility services such as water supply, electricity, sanitation, or education while at the same time adjusting their budgets (increasing or decreasing taxes, changing budget items, etc.) to the needs of their citizens. Another similarly critically acclaimed game is Cities: Skylines.


The players of this business game transporting back to medieval Venice to carry out various “royal” negotiations over the delivery of goods, the silk trade, or the sovereignty of different Mediterranean islands. This video game teaches all the secrets and techniques of negotiation and is very successful in companies worldwide.

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