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Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

While Fire Force’s popularity has grown exponentially, Fumigation has yet to announce a firm date for a third season. Also, Season 2 premiered within a year of the end of Season 1. At the same time, the fandom was hoping that Fire Force Season 3 Release Date would feature more sci-fi action. . However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Season 3.

Nonetheless, Fire Force Season 3 Release Date sales were at the top of the charts. With the anime gaining so much popularity, fans eagerly wait to see Shinra back in action. So here are all the details we have on Season 3.

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date: Everything We Know So Far

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

With Season 2 ending on December 12, 2020, it’s been almost a year since we’ve heard an announcement about Season 3. However, hope remains that Funimation will announce a Fire Force Season 3 any day now. Also, the manga sales and the demand for the next season are forcing Funimation. Without a doubt, the pandemic has already affected the premiere date of many anime series. Thus, the Fire Force also faced backlash.

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The plot of Fire Force Season 3 Release Date           

The Fire Force anime directly follows the story of the manga. On the one hand, the first season mapped the plot from volume 1 to 11. On the other hand, the second season continued the story from volume 11 to 20. Therefore, Fire Force Season could continue this pattern.

However, since the anime is known for the full episodes, season 3 could keep track of them.

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Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

Cast and Crew Of Fire Force Season 3

Some characters are sure to return. The characters, namely Shinra Kusakabe with Gakuto Kajiwara, Kotatsu Tamaki with the voice of Aoi Yuki, Joker with the voice of Kenjiro Tsuda, Maki Oze with the voice of Saeko Kamijo and Iris with the voice of MAO, will surely return.

  • Benimaru Shinmon: Mamoru Miyano (Japanese) Aaron Roberts (English)
  • Joker: Tsuda Kenjirou (Japanese) Sonny Strait (English)
  • Tamaki Kotatsu: Aoi Yuuki (Japanese) Jad Saxton (English)
  • Arthur Boyle: Yusuke Kobayashi (Japanese) Eric Vale (English)
  • Maki Oze: Saeko Kamijou (Japanese) Sarah Roach (English)
  • Akitaru Oubi: Kazuya Nakai (Japanese) Jeremy Inman (English)
  • Takehisa Hinawa: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese) Christopher Wehkap (English)
  • Shinra Kusakabe: Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese) Derick Snow (English)
  • Sister Iris: Mao Ichimichi (Japanese) Alexis Tipton (English)

What Is Fire Force Season 3 Release Date?

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date has yet to be officially announced with no release date or confirmation. An announcement about a new season could be coming soon as the show’s continued success leads to huge manga sales. By the end of April, the manga’s sales had surpassed 15 million copies, according to Fire Force Anime’s official Twitter. The popularity of the show is strong enough to deserve a second season.

This could delay the development of the following anime season as Atsushi Kubo has stated that the manga will be finished soon. As Okubo said in an interview with Monsters And Critics, the estimated end of the manga is around volume 30, though that could change.

The 23rd volume of the manga also included an announcement by author Okubo that the floor had reached its peak and “Fire Force” would be his final work. There may be a delay in determining the manga’s end date, as 28 volumes have been produced so far.

Fire Force Season 3 Expectations?

After the invasion of Tokyo at the end of season 2, season 3 is all about war and Special Fire Force Company 8 will fight to save Tokyo. This will also be the show’s last season and thus will feature heartbreaking scenes and a conclusion to the story.

The anime revolves around Shinra Kusakabe, who can turn on her feet. Nicknamed “Devil Footprints”, he is highly regarded for her power. After joining the police force, he began to unravel links to the kidnapping of his younger brother during a fire that killed his mother 12 years ago.

Fire Force Season 2 ended at Chapter 158 of the manga. Therefore, the third season will continue from chapter 159.

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