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What is the best Wallet to Sell Bitcoin?
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What is the best Wallet to Sell Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to be introduced and it has now been around for over ten years. When it was first launched, its value was virtually zero but now it is the most valuable digital currency in the world. At first, its adoption rates were very low but now it is one of the most popular investments for anyone that is tech-savvy globally. 

The rise of Bitcoin can be attributed to the blockchain network which is safe, transparent, and offers a great deal of privacy. These are some of the inadequacies of the modern financial markets that have been addressed by blockchain. Bitcoin now is one of the best investment opportunities there is because of the great potential for returns. 

Bitcoins are held in Bitcoin wallets before until you want to sell or transfer them. When you have a wallet, you are given a pair of private and public keys — one is your wallet address and the other for securely accessing your wallet. Some crypto exchanges offer hosted Bitcoin wallets to store bitcoins after purchasing them. 

The best wallets to sell bitcoin

Every investor wants to know how they can best get their money back after investing in a particular asset. That is why investors always want to know what the best wallet to sell Bitcoin is. It is important to note that once you have stored bitcoins in a safe and secure wallet, the most important thing is finding a reputable exchange like NakitCoins through which you can sell your bitcoins. 

When you use exchanges like Bitcoin Evolution or NakitCoins, you are guaranteed that your investment will be safe, your privacy is protected, and can conduct quick transactions of huge limits at a low cost.  You can also use the NakitCoins local crypto wallet to store your bitcoins. This could be the best wallet to sell bitcoins as you can easily access it from your account. Other wallets where you can sell bitcoin include:


Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange that also doubles as a wallet where you can hold and sell bitcoins, just like NakitCoins. You can create an account with NakitCoins and you will then be free to deposit or withdraw bitcoins at your convenience. It is important to note that Coinbase does not issue private keys like other crypto wallets so the risk for losing your assets may be higher due to crimes like hacking. 

Your assets held in a Coinbase wallet are also not insured so it is not probably a good idea to hold your bitcoins there. However, the platform has a user-friendly interface, it is a reputable exchange and it has a good security track record. This makes Coinbase one of the best local cryptocurrency wallets

Steps to selling your bitcoin

The first step is to create an account on a crypto exchange or any other reputable selling platform. I do recommend you use NakitCoins because it is one of the safest and charges low fees. Once you have opened an account, you can transfer your bitcoins from your wallet to the account. You can select the option to deposit or sell to transfer your bitcoins. 

The next step is creating a sell order where you set the price at which you are willing to sell your bitcoins. If your offer is attractive enough, you will find a buyer who will purchase your bitcoins and you will receive funds to your account as soon as the transaction is complete. Exchanges can allow you to sell your bitcoins to any buyer anywhere globally. 

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