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Twitter Promotions, Tips, Benefits And More

Twitter Promotions, Tips, Benefits And More

Types of Twitter Promotions

There are several various types of Twitter Promotions you can choose from to support your brand goals and fit your social media marketing strategy.

Sponsored Tweets

Also, sponsored Tweets are a lot like regular Tweets. The difference is that an advertiser pays to show the content to people who have not yet followed it on Twitter.

Like normal tweets, they can be like, retweet, and comment on. However, they are marke as an ad: “Sent” always display in the lower left corner.

However, sponsored tweets can also contain videos and are automatically played on users’ timelines. If the video is less than 60 seconds long, the video will repeat.

twitter promotions

Sponsored Trends

Twitter trending topics are a high income list on the right side of Twitter. This is a group of the most popular topics and hashtags used in real time.

Also, users can interact with a sponsor trend just like any other trending topic. The difference is that the place that a brand buys shown as “Promote” to the target users.

A sponsored trend will also appear as one of the first places in the Trends section for you, both in the Explore tab and in the timeline.

Besides, when users click on the sponsored trend, they will see search results for that topic with a sponsored tweet from your brand at the top.

Sponsored Moments

Also, think of promoted moments as Twitter story ads. Twitter or instagram Moments can be created on your desktop and are basically a curated collection of similar tweets that tell a story.

However, this format means that your brand can also share Twitter story ads with more than 280 characters.

Brands can also sponsor moments created by other brands.

Automated Ads

  • If you’re new to Twitter or snapchat advertising, unsure how much to spend, or have a very small team with limited time, you should try Twitter’s advertising mode.
  • Also, your brand tweets as usual, then Twitter’s advertising mode will automatically announce your tweets and your brand’s profile.
  • Twitter describes Twitter’s promotion mode as an “always-on advertising solution.” Basically, the first 10 tweets your brand creates each day will add to a Sponsored Tweets campaign and target to the targeted audience. Free basecamp account mode also runs a sponsored account campaign.
  • However, think of this feature as Twitter helping you with your Twitter ads. Your brand doesn’t have to worry about setting up new custom ad campaigns.
  • It’s a flat rate of $ 99 per month and on average your tweets will reach 30,000 more people.

How to Easily Advertise on Twitter: A 7-Step Guide

  1. Set up your Twitter ad account
  2. If you’ve never used Twitter ads before, you’ll need to set up an account. Just log into your Twitter account, then go to
  3. Enter your country and time zone, then click Get Started.
  4. This gives you access to the Twitter Ads Manager and its many features, such as tracking your ad campaigns and analyzing metrics.

Choose your advertising objective

Think what you need to achieve with your Twitter ads. The campaign objective you choose determines the types of interactions and actions you pay for.

Few Of The Destinations Awareness

twitter promotions


You want as many people as possible to see your sponsor tweet. You will bille for every 1000 impressions.

In-Stream Video Views

You want to run a short video ad at the beginning of videos from Twitter’s premium content partners. You will billed for each video view.

Video Views

You want people to see your videos or GIFs. You will be billed for each video view.
Application Installations – You want users to install your application. You will be billed for each installation of the application.

Website Conversions or Clicks

You want people to access your website. Billing is per click.


You want to maximize engagement with your Sponsored Tweets. You will billed per interaction, but only for the first interaction with each user.


You want to build your Twitter audience. You will bill for each new follower.

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