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Hochzeit Auf Den Ersten Blick Wer Ist Noch Zusammen 2022

Hochzeit Auf Den Ersten Blick Wer Ist Noch Zusammen 2022

The TV show hochzeit auf den ersten blick wer ist noch zusammen 2022 is entering its ninth season. Starting October 3, 2022, two single people who have never met but are compatible according to science will get married on the first Saturday.

Sat.1 announced six pairs for this year. The ages of the candidates from 26 to 43 years. This year, spatial interest is focused on western and southern Germany. With the exception of a young man from Berlin, no bachelors from East Germany will participate in 2022.

What is Hochzeit Auf Den Ersten Blick Wer Ist Noch Zusammen 2022


Scientists screen singles who apply for “Wedding at First Sight”. They then create profiles for each candidate and compare them. If the candidate is suitable, in the opinion of specialists, then the creators talk about “chance”.

From then on, the candidates are accompanied by the camera, from their attendance information, to the purchase of the wedding suit, through to the vows, where the two singles see each other for the first time and have to decide on the spot whether to do so or not. He got married.  So far, in eight seasons, there hasn’t been anyone who says no.

The film crew then accompanies the young couple on their honeymoon and during the first weeks afterwards. Ultimately, all participants have to decide whether they want to remain married or divorce.

Which Couples on Hochzeit Auf Den Ersten Blick Wer Ist Noch Zusammen 2022 are Still Together?

After eight seasons with about six pairs of candidates each, the success rate is truly modest. According to current information on the first Saturday, there are only three couples still together. Some of the relationships in Wedding at First Sight lasted several years, and some even created “Hadi Children”, most of whose parents are now divorced.

In the season 8 finale, five out of six couples remained married, but four couples broke up within a few months. Only Marcus and Simon of Thuringian are still a couple. However, the two have completely withdrawn from the public eye.

 Who is Still Together and Who is Separated?

In the emotional finale of hochzeit auf den ersten blick wer ist noch zusammen 2022, four of the six couples decide to get married. But will the relationships last beyond the show? Here you can see at a glance who is still together and who has already broken up.

Jacqueline and Peter – Together

Jacqueline And Peter - Together

Even in Episode 8 of hochzeit auf den ersten blick wer ist noch zusammen 2022, Peter and Jacqueline can barely take their eyes off each other. The two seem very familiar and deeply in love. “I leave with the feeling that I have arrived,” Peter admits to experts. Jacqueline even moved to Munich to live with Peter.

And not only that: on the anniversary of the film “Wedding at First Sight” there will be a wonderful meeting with Jacqueline and Peter. Along with matchmaking expert Beth Quinn, they surprised single Michaela.

Kinga and Morten – Separated

At the end of Wedding at First Sight, the couple decides on their future together. But at the beginning of December it seemed that the dream had ended: Kinga and Morten announced their separation on Instagram. However, they are both grateful for the time they spent together. “Thank you for the wonderful time we had with you. You will always be a part of me. I remember fondly the time we spent together,” Morten wrote on Instagram.

Michaela and Oliver – Together

“A big shout out to you three,” Oliver praised the experts in the “Wedding at First Sight” finale. They’re both happy, that’s clear. Michaela says: “I want to thank you for the way you treat me. You are a loving partner. I’ve always wanted that.” Then he adds: “I hope you never leave my life again.” The 43-year-old can reassure her: “I won’t cheat on you anymore,” he assures her. Oliver and Michaela decide to get married.

Christophe and Nadine – Separated

Christophe and Nadine - Separated

At the end of “Wedding at First Sight” Nadine appears without Christophe. During their honeymoon in Amsterdam, the atmosphere changed between the couple and Christophe left early. Below, Nadine and Dr. Sandra Coldover talk about the past few weeks and explain why they still believe in the experiment. Christophe and Nadine are separated.

Natasha and Denis – Separated

Even during their honeymoon, dark clouds gathered over the newlywed couple. After making the decision at the end of “Wedding at First Sight”, Natasha and Denise said they didn’t want to be pressure and wanted to get to know each other better without the cameras. However, in the end, the two go their separate ways and leave the room through two different doors.

Jana and Marcus – Separated

Sad news from Jana and Marcus. The two announced that they will go their separate ways in the future. On his Instagram account, Marcus shows remorse and blames himself for the current situation. However, he still did not want to give up his early marriage. In a recent post, he confidently said: “For me, it is not over yet because I continue to fight for Jana.”


At the end of each season of hochzeit auf den ersten blick wer ist noch zusammen 2022 things get interesting again, because the couples have to decide: Can love leave a marriage quickly and will the participants stay together as a couple in the future? Or was it that in the end there was no spark between the spouses, so a quick divorce occurred and the participants separated after the experiment?

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