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Are Headphones Good For Gaming? Many gamers consider gaming headsets to be necessary. A good set of headphones could be helpful for people who want great sound and functionality when gaming on mobile or portable consoles like Nintendo Switch on the go or even for people who want something less bulky than headphones at home.

Are Headphones Good For Gaming?

Are The Headphones Good for Gaming?

  • Should you buy headphones or gaming headphones, or would you rather play with headphones? Before you commit, do your studies. So are the hazards headphones suitable for gaming?
  • What characteristics should players take into account?
  • What headphones are better for gaming?
  • People seek comfort, sound quality, active noise cancellation, and other advanced features regarding gaming headsets.

Gaming Headset vs Gaming Headset: What’s the difference?

Every gamer needs a gaming headset. More than just regular RGB-illuminated headphones, They allow you to immerse yourself in your gaming experience fully and even give you an advantage over other players.

Gaming Headset vs Gaming Headset: What's the difference?

Noise Isolation/Noise Cancellation You can stay focused by muting outside noise, which is crucial for professional gamers.

Most gaming headsets and headphones offer some form of noise cancellation. When you use headphones or headphones, background noise is reducing by using accurate noise-isolating materials.


  • If you want to play video games, you need a good microphone.
  • There’s nothing more annoying than coworkers saying things like, “You’re too quiet” or “It sounds like you’re sitting in front of a fan.
  • Gaming headset microphones are often superior to gaming headsets.
  • Most gaming headsets have microphones that amazing stick out the side and sit right before your mouth.
  • With less background noise, the headphones can pick up your voice.


High-quality gaming headsets should be comfortable to wear for a long time. They are lightweight and won’t hurt your head or pressure your ears. However, some users may find them annoying, especially if the in-ear headphones are too large.

The best Gaming Headset Brands

The best Gaming Headset Brands

JBL Quantum 50

The JBL Quantum 50 features an integrated control pod with a microphone, is comfortable to wear, and works with any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack, including Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation.

It’s a fantastic portable option for mobile gamers who want to use their headphones to listen to music or make phone calls.

Try the three different ear tip options for the best fit and superior isolation. Thanks to a rubber disc that wraps around the ear, the headphones sit comfortably and securely in the ear.

GTW 270 Hybrid POS

  • The headset has a USB-C dongle that connects to PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and other devices via aptX Low Latency.
  • In addition, it allows dongle-less Bluetooth connections between using the standard Bluetooth codecs aptX and SBC, but not AAC. Even multipoint Bluetooth is supported by these headphones.
  • This set of wireless gaming headsets will appeal to anyone who doesn’t like the weight of over-ear gaming headsets, but it has the downside of the microphone not working when gaming.
  • Except for the lack of focus on the treble frequencies, the frequency response graph (seen in the image gallery above) shows a pleasant sound profile.
  • However, no apparent problems can be seen during testing.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Pro

It offers a low latency mode for gaming and streaming that reduces latency to 60ms, supports SBC and AAC codecs, and uses Bluetooth 5.1. Low latency mode works ideally without aptX support, with no noticeable lag.

Razer and THX have worked together to create these headphones that have excellent sound quality. Although the treble range is somewhat underrated, the headphones’ frequency response curve (seen in the gallery above) roughly matches our consumer curve. However, this doesn’t have much impact, and you can balance the sound via the mobile app.

Razer Hammerhead Duo

Each Hammerhead Duo earphone features two drivers that greatly enhance the listening experience.

There are also inline controls and a microphone on the suitable cable.

These Razer headsets are a great choice for gamers looking for excellent sound quality, discreet looks, and comfort from their gaming headset. They retail for $60.

What You Should Know About Gaming Headsets

What You Should Know About Gaming Headsets

When shopping for a gaming headset, it’s essential to consider your options and preferences, as latency can be a big problem.

Since these are wired headphones, wired headphones always offer the lowest latency, while wireless versions can have issues.

Lower latency can be achieved with wireless headphones that include receivers, but Bluetooth can have issues. There may be some lag with SBC and AAC, but AptX Low Latency is an excellent alternative.

Some headsets have a lower latency gaming mode, which helps reduce latency. Wired is the best option if you want to minimize delay.

All About JBL Quantum TWS

All About JBL Quantum TWS

When this feature is disabled, bass tones are more subtle. And I did turn the EQ down via Bluetooth to get a bit more of a drug war feel, but overall they sound better with a flat EQ. With the JBL app, you can also enable Game mode, which helps sync up game audio and video, but the fact that you plug the Type-C dongle into your laptop or Steam Deck and it doesn’t take long before you can play the game makes Quantum is incredibly versatile.

And they are also affordable. Considering the $1,200 Audeze Euclids, easily the best-sounding headphones I’ve ever used, the JBLs are getting more usable by the day, and at a tenth of the price, that’s pretty amazing.

Conclusion I wasn’t expecting much from the cheapest wireless gaming headset I recently reviewed, but it’s not bad. At a total price, I’d recommend spending a bit more on the Creative Outlier Pro, but if you’re willing to ship from Tronsmart through the AliExpress store, you’ll have to pay almost half the $60 sticker price.

And at this level, these are excellent budget wireless headphones. They have decent battery life, a strong Bluetooth 5.2 connection, and a dedicated game mode that accesses directly from the headphones rather than activated via a separate app.

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